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About Us

SS4CU is the Florida credit union gateway to the national shared branch network, CO-OP Shared Branch. began as Florida Credit Union Shared Services, Inc. in 1992.  We partnered with the national network in 1995, then Credit Union Service Corporation’s (CUSC), in the DBA name of Credit Union Service Centers of Florida (CUSCFL).  Like many other regional shared branching networks, we developed branding using the CUSC ‘swirl’ and Credit Union Service Centers of Florida.  For more information about our branding please read ‘Our Logo Evolution’.

The Florida network has grown leaps and bounds since our 1st transaction in 1995.

Shared Services for Credit Unions, SS4CU, is a CUSO owned by 33 stockholders.  We have 68 credit union and service center participants.  A participant has the option of Issuing Only or total participation of Issuing and Acquiring.  Issuing is when your credit union’s members utilize the shared branch network, providing a convenience of access to credit union branches nationwide, DC, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Guam, Puerto Rico and Canada.  Issuing and Acquiring is an additional step of your credit union adding branches to the shared branching network for their peer credit union’s members to utilize.

Giving back

SS4CU believes in giving back to our participants.  We want our credit unions to succeed, which is why we are committed to providing an improved toolbox of excellent products & services.  Year over year, as we grow, we have given back to our participating credit unions, a patronage rebate, so that they can invest in future products and services for their members.  Since inception, our stockholders and participants have received a more than $8.1 million in patronage rebates and dividends.  We’re here to help you grow!

There is a difference

SS4CU is the Florida credit union gateway to the national shared branch network, CO-OP Shared Branch.  Shared branching is the credit union industry’s major differentiator from banks.  Banks have to build or buy branches.  Credit Unions have the opportunity to collaborate their branches to build the largest network of branches the banking industry has ever seen.  Today the shared branching network provides credit union members around the nation with more than 5,500 physical branches, over 200 Self-Service Credit Union owned ATMs/kiosks (Shared Branch Express units) and a mobile app for anywhere shared branching.

Credit unions count on us to provide their members convenient shared branching access and the effective and accurate tools to better service their members needs.