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Take Your CU with You!


Banking should be as convenient as your member needs it.  At the right time, in the right place, the right way.  Sometimes that means by mobile or phone anywhere, or by computer at home, work or travel, but sometimes it means the convenience of walking into a branch and conducting business in person.   That's the convenience that shared branching provides the credit union industry.

While Wells Fargo provides its customers with over 6,300 branches, Chase over 5,900 branches and Bank of America over 5,300 branches, being part of the shared branching network provides each participating credit unions members with over 5,400 credit union shared branches to walk into. 

Shared branching takes the credit union philosophy of 'people helping people' to the next level of 'credit unions helping credit unions'.  Credit unions have been around since 1938.  Is there a credit union today who can, alone, match the big banks?  No, but that's where 'credit unions helping credit unions' comes in.  Just picture all 5,200 credit unions sharing their over 21,000 branches.  





Your members want a branch where they live, work and travel.  They continue to tell us that by the nearly 165 million transactions conducted across shared branch rails in 2014.  Today, we are proud to say that there are 1,845 credit unions sharing 5,404 branches.   New mobile tools and transaction technology have brought shared branching into the 21st century and can be conducted by mobile as well as at an ATM, ITM or kiosk.   What's not to love about shared branching?  It's convenience at its best.  Are your members leaving you because you're not convenient?  Shared branching is your solution!  Contact us today to find out how your credit union can participate in 'credit unions helping credit unions'.