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National Awareness

We know, you know, they know!

SB Market 2017

Creating an awareness at a national level takes the cooperation of the network, the credit union and the members.  Together they create an awareness that cultivates a successful national shared branching network in line with the industry’s mission of ‘people helping people’ and the cooperative nature of credit unions.   Regional networks across the United States work with their participating credit unions providing them marketing materials, both physical and electronic, as well as training materials and videos for their members.  Each participating credit union is encouraged to promote shared branching.

Evidence of its success is based on a simple fact that members use shared branching.  Shared branching transaction volume continues to grow year over year both in Florida as well as nationally.  Members continue to expect their credit union to provide them convenient ways to transact.  Shared branching provides the convenience of a branch nearby whether they’re near home, work, school or traveling.

People young and old still appreciate the convenience of being able to walk into a branch and work with someone in person.  When participating in shared branching through Shared Services for Credit Unions the credit union becomes part of the national CO-OP shared branching network giving their members access to nearly 5,500 credit union branches for access in all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico, Guam, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy and Germany.  The national network logo, advertised by every credit union, creates a national stamp every participating credit union member has learned to recognize.

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