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SS4CU Privacy Policy


Your privacy is very important to us.  SS4CU takes great pride in protecting our participant credit unions’ data and access to our platform.  All parties SS4CU interfaces with, in delivering services to you, are under stringent requirements to do the same. We only share information for the following reasons:

  • To administer products and services we provide you.
  • When required by government or law enforcement

When needed for other business entities engaged with us that enable SS4CU in providing services for our participant credit unions.  In each of these cases, there are strict confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements in place contractually to preserve and protect confidential information.


Simply stated, our policy for web access is to collect NO personal information unless you affirmatively choose to make that information available to us.  Our web server recognizes only the internet domain and IP address from which you accessed our website. This information does not result in the identification of your personal e-mail address or other personal information. It is only used to assess the volume of traffic and the type of information being accessed.

If member information is shared with us by sending us a message or filling out an electronic form with the member information, we will use the information only for the purposes you authorized. We will not disclose the information to third parties (other than those involved in solving your issue) or government agencies, unless required to do so by state or federal law.

If we are required to disclose information about transaction(s) relating to our participant credit union(s) by law, we will notify you of the disclosure.  If you have other questions about our privacy policies, or have ideas about improving our policies, please feel free to Contact Us.